Sunday, July 6, 2014

Marundeeswarar Temple - Temple Study Tour

Morning showers welcomed us today , sunday morning as I rushed to the Marundeeswarar temple to keep the timings for the temple tour visit arranged by Music Umbrella team and the host was Selvan: Jayakumar . I usually take the back entrance and with a handful of Vilva leaves I went and sat inside the stone mandapam called Kal Mandapam by 6.10am. Colorful bees came inside the temple ,as if the flower was waiting for the bees. The children arrived adorned with flowers,pavadai the innocent and the sleepy were all awaiting to come around the temple and pigeons fascinated some of them.I stood witnessing them and over looking the sky pouring my prayers to the Pancha Bootha element Akasha, it is said that "Anyone who looks into Aakash at each of the Kala's(Morning,Afternoon,evening,night) and seeks it truly tremendous things will happen in their life". So am experimenting it for the past few months and YES, its happening.

This was my 4th visit to this temple, my first one I came with a bunch of medical reports of my father who was diagnosed with cancer just 12 hours back in the year 2008. I came there from vellore to meet a doc in Adyar Cancer Institute by name Dr.Alexander John, compassionate person who rightly guided me to continue the treatment in vellore and counseled me on the adversity of the disease and the end of my father. That's my first memory of this temple. The 2nd was on March 13th , Thursday (Guru Varam)the day I met my Guru Jayashri Akka, I went to this temple and sought blessings and went to surabhi class and that was my first personal meeting.The 3rd was on Child Shambho's birthday, June 5th.

Temple Tank, Gopuram which has 5 openings and Gopura darisanam is equivalent to seeing the lord inside the temple and Lord Shiva was west facing here.The Vahanam's of deities Lord Shiva,Parvathy,Ganesha and Muruga was queried and children answered.

We sang the song ' Shiva Maheswara' , and tears filled my eyes because the host was explaining to us that the Shiva was the doctor, I thought if only I knew to sing and ask, may be my father could have been alive. somehow singing has become more stress relieving and soothing than meditation these days, I don't know if its true for all.

Learning is a continuous process. Lord Shiva holds Mazhu and Maan in his hands and Abhaya Hastam and Varadha Hastam and the lord here is Svayambhu known my many names such as 'Paalvanna Nathar', 'Natarajar,'Skanda somar',Virushabha vaanar' and the explanation of Paalvanna Nathar was provided - the holy cow 'Kamadhenu' used to offer milk to the lord here and the lingam was white in color.

Kodi Kambam and Pradakshina was explained and Lingothbhavar who is behind Lord Shiva in very temple and Accountant 'Chanikeshwarar' who maintains accounts of people who visited the temple. We gave our respects and the spot where one can feel fresh air touching our face was shown by Akka and stood there feeling the air coming from 4 sides. Dakshinamoorthy who bestows knowledge was shown to children and we reached the Ammal shrine and sang 'Amba Parameswari' and closed with story telling session by child Hiranmayi.

Deep Learnings:
1. I was used to offering Vilvam not even knowing the significance of it, today I came to know the story of a man who climbed a tree since a tiger was chasing him and not being able to sleep on the top of a tree, he plucked leaves and threw it down until dawn to discover that Lingam was there at the bottom of a tree and he was granted the ultimate 'Moksha'. I thought I was also giving Vilvam unknowingly all these days, I was giving because Shiva loves it , anything which Lord Shiva loves I also loved it and prayed oh! Compassionate one, Relieve me from the suffering and grant me the boon to end the cycle of my birth and death.
2.The Bali Peetam and the Dwaja sthambam were meant to raise flags to mark temple celebrations and Namaskaram's has to be done there and preferably in Vajra Asana posture and that is the point where one needs to shed EGO and pray to the Lord saying I do not know , please show me the direction and take me in that direction.
3. Ignorance was explained beautifully with the help of Lord Nataraja and one should take conscious effort to bring knowledge to destroy ignorance.

That has been my prayer always recently that I want to become the path that many can walk, so that I have to sacrifice my life and am ready , if I can become a ladder on which many can climb and reach heights that was real achievement for me. Lets see.

I finished 3 rounds of the temple and sat in meditation for sometime and composed a poem and started to home.Guess what, the Sun was bright that time after we completed the Study tour. The thought of my guru(Akka) that we don't have an umbrella put the rains to stop for a while and after we completed the sun came out shining .. May be the sun and rains knew that Music umbrella team didn't have enough umbrella's to cover them and showered grace on us.

Poem composed in the temple today:
ஈஸ்வரணின் கருணையால்
நாயகியின் அருளால்
குருவின் அன்பால் (Jayashri Akka)
சீடன்நின் கேள்வியால்
குழந்தையின் பேச்சால்
ஜயனின் அறிவு பகிர்ந்துதலால்( Host: Jayakumar)
வானத்தின் கருமேகத்தால்
பூமியின் உள்வாங்குதாலால்
குருதாசியின் அறியாமையால்(Self)
ஆத்மாவின் தேடுதலால்
உயிரின் நோக்கத்தால்
மருந்ததீஸ்வர் மருந்தால்
நன்றியின் சமர்ப்பணத்தால்
இசையின் மேல் உள்ள காதலால்
 கோட்டட்டும் இசை குடையில் ஆராதனைகள்.... ( Music Umbrella Team)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Remembering Sant Kabir on June 24 2014

Hai Mere Sahib kabir!
Suniye yeh alaap mera
Jaagi rahe hai mere rahai
Jaaga hai koun aur jagi hein kya
Poochthey apne aap ko
sant kabir ke dohe ko
yaad karthey yeh din mein
Yaadthon se bandtha hua hoon
Aa kar mujhe Azadh kar dho
Apne Aap se Azadhee se...
- by Anii (Guru Dasi)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

By the River Side - A Short Story (Written Long back in 2009)

It was autumn and leaves started dropping by then, she was walking along the river bed with a book clasped in her hand, and rested herself on the wooden benches and was gawking at the deep yellow evening sky that spread like a carpet , making everything turn gold like a golden touch from nature.  The leaves were dropping upon her and she seemed to be lost in her own world of fantasies, the people in the boat ride and children were waving hands at her, but she didn’t feel like waving back, she smiled back as if she knew them and they had been meeting each other everyday.

She was a women of strong personality who changed the lives of many others by her way of living, anyone could easily get attracted to her for she was a persona of perfection and goodness, she had transformed many a lives and had a handful of people who counted on her but she enjoyed solitude , deep down she felt very lonely and every month on the 16th she would come by the riverside and drain her emotions into the river just by gazing at it, she felt nature always had the power to help people when they are in need and one has to get closer to nature to get connected to human tendencies.

She walked down to the church street and entered the restaurant ‘The Flora’ , she always took the red and white table facing the river , the waitress brought a glass of red wine and a Chinese delicacy and placed two plates on the table , there was a daffodil that was placed inside the bowl of water and  the gentle breeze was bringing the fragrance of the food and she could hear people whispering and a couple who were seated next to her greeted her with a smile, she sipped a glass of wine and soaked herself inside a book and started writing . She had finished almost 4 pages when the waitress asked her if she could get the bill, she sighed and again immersed in her writing.

It was around 7.30 in the evening and stars were seen on the sky, the moon had just appeared and the dim lights from the river side were pulling her to the river side as she watched the river currents gently rocking the ships as if putting the baby to sleep in a cradle and the gentle breeze was like a lullaby, she paid the bill and walked towards the river .It was autumn but she felt a cold chill in her nerves she folded her hands together with her spine erect  took a deep breaths , she slowly dropped the papers into the river,  she felt as if she re-discovered herself and felt at peace and desireless as she inhaled fresh air into her lungs and walked  in to the dim light , the sound of trees rustling along the winds breaking her silence from her solitude .
- By Anita Babu

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Radhey Krishna - Poems

Poem on How Krishna became  a Radhey…

(This idea prompted just to feel the love of Radhey on Krishna, I thought to write on when Krishna wanted to become Radha, to feel her divine love for him)

Hey! Radha ki Krishna

Shyaamal pyare

Aaja Rang Barasle

Yeh din ithna kooshi ka din hai

Tumhare Janam din jo hai

Yeh! Krishna Radhey kaise ban kaya…


Who is Radha?

Bansuri ab kya Bansuri bajaye..

Tum jo hava mein pehle hoye ho

Jese Hava bansuri ke anthar phele

Bajaye jab krishna basuri ko

Dwani banke  radhey nikli

Ab Krishna ke basuri se

Kon hai he ye radhe jo aye..

Basuri ke andar , Krishna se baahar….

Raha+ De means – Give me Direction

KRU+SHNA means - Ultimate Happiness

Radhey Krishna means ‘Give me Direction for Ultimate Happiness”