Sunday, November 16, 2014

Poetry on Love in Hindi - Zindagi ki Manzil

Najane Zingadi Kahan Shuru Huyee
Ek Hawa Jaise Saason Mein Bas Kayee
Saasen Rukthi Tho Bhi Yei Zindagi Ki Armaan Nehin Rukthi
Armaawon Ki Sangeet Nehin Rukthi
Rukhi Hein Tho  Mere Yei Zindagi Aapki Awaaz Pe
Rukthey Rukthey Yeh Mere Manzil Tho Nehin Ban Kayee
Hazri Bankar Tho Kahin Na Reh Jayoge Tum
Mere Zindagi Mein Hamasha Ke Liye
Aapke Hazri Tak Judi Hein Mere Manzil
Manzilen Yei Kaise Judthi Armanon Ke Bina...

--  Offering by GuruDasi 

Friday, October 24, 2014



 Ghulam Ali was right, any atheist would agree to his email, I declare myself as a GOD, am a Self-made person, and GOD as such does not exist. And a theist would say, GOD is within me and hence that email is right from his context also. But from a corporate mind, an individual is recognized only with an ID, names do play a Role but primarily it's the ID.

 "Does GOD have an ID?" To call a GOD, a sound(mantra) is associated with it and that's his ID, a form(Yantra) is given and when the Sound and the Form are united, a Tantra is born and yes, it's an ID. Alive and vibrant when called from within, the ID responds to the caller. So many GOD ID's and why do we need so many? Just like the Nature has so many species so are the GOD's in accordance to a particular energy that is associated with the entity of Nature.

Is there a justification to the existence of GOD, can science and faith coincide? The ID responds only to the Caller, a Caller who earnestly calls. Why so many ID's? When science says all is born out of same matter and it exists physically based on certain measures. Who distinguishes this? Is this our killed innocence which is destroyed by the educational system or our society and the environment in which we were born in and which knows us by an ID called Name. Can we not have one ID? Why do we have Voter's ID,Driving license,Passport ID?

The US thought about it long back and invented SSN number and started identifying people with the ID. When man has an ID, can a GOD not? Who denies? who Agrees? What are the verses then? Verses from so many religions which people have been reciting  for ages and verses on the lips of an Atheist , who denies the existence of an ID . Little do we know that the ID resides inside each one of us and we keep looking for ID's outside and how do we recognize our ID, when our Personal ID's match the Global ID that is the Nature, Music,Space,Time,the energy. So the ID continues to live on and no one else is given the same ID again. Am I trying to build a concept to decipher the birth of SSN number in the US.
A college graduate joined my team and I was asked to get his credentials for mapping him onto my project. I wrote to him asking for his Global Employee ID (GID) and I get a reply back saying my GOD is GA 579960 in brackets he writes (Ghulam Ali). This email where that young boy misspelled the alphabet 'O' instead of I, changed the entire context of the email and gave birth to blog ID. Interestingly, the alphabets I and O are adjacent to each other in the key board.

My Research mind makes me look in and here are my results..

id: Noun

psychology : a part of a person's unconscious mind that relates to basic needs and desires

Full Definition of ID

: the one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that is completely unconscious and is the source of psychic energy derived from instinctual needs and drives — compare ego, superego

I cannot overlook this email from my team mate just as I do my software programming, overlooking the warnings. So is it an warning for the people who don't match their personal ID's with the Global ID's? May be not? Or May be yes. As long as an ID can call something other than us , ID's are fine.. Do you know your ID? Will you respond to my call? Can I have your ID please?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wheat or White? Health Care /Beauty

The Weekend was already planned for Sanskrit Spoken Class and some shopping and the parlour for personal care and hygiene. The lady before me took a long time for billing in the GT parlour and the person at the counter was overly courteous and spoke '7000 Rupees' please. The person offered me to seat for a while until the payment was made by the lady since I was moving around like a restless cat. I declined politely and agreed to stand until my turn came. My curiosity was huge that I asked him, a hefty bill Ah! , he exclaimed with pride 'Madam, Last month end a family had been here for a wedding and I billed 50,000'. I asked him 'what do you think is important' ? Health care or Beauty? He says people spend a lot of money on Beauty than health care and he is true. I have seen people desperate about their looks than how they weighed and felt about health. As I paid my bill, he said the  massages  also has a big  market presence in South Asia unlike India which has the major market for Beauty. I told him , India also it has a big market space but its more of a Therapeutic rather than a luxury. But then my statement can vary according to the class of people. Beauty  and Theraphy cannot go together. But the modern world, uses the terminology Aroma Facial Theraphy and sells it in the name of beauty with the outer lining as therapeutic. I refused the facial when my attendant at the parlour explained me that she can get me fair with a facial . I told her , am more happy to be what am. Wheatish colour has to wheatish and not made white. Moreover, I really love me for what am, except that I want to shed a few kilos desperately to look more healthy than beautiful.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Moon , Music and Mothers - Surabhi Session

Is this your sruthi box? Kalpana Aunty questioned me as I entered the session yesterday sharp by 7pm in my watch. My lunch box was mistaken as Sruthi Box , I told her I wish one day I had my own Sruthi box and we all should have one Sruthi Box said my teacher Abhinaya. I wish one day, my every chakra resonates with SA RE and I become a true Yogi.

My mind is racing with sounds,thoughts, Kanagangi , Rathnangi ,Karahapriya and Pa Tha Nee Sa frequency variations.
 Is this called 'Sounding Consciousness' ? I wonder as I sit to write this admist my busy running schedule, somehow words on paper brings me more solace and comfort.

Which date you were born? asked my teacher. Relating our birthdates to the various ragas, self and Kalpana Aunty identified ourselves with Rathnangi  the number 2, a sad ragam and were laughing at getting depressed if we listening to one such.  we all went on with our birthdate numbers and madhu's was 15, Radhey aunty with 16 and Abhinaya with 27 , and radhey aunty couldnt hold back herself saying 27 is very tough and abhinaya ardently accepted that yes she was tough indeed and I was enjoying the mother and the daughter's conversations(Quitely..) . Madhu and Kalpana Aunty's conversation also amuses me a lot, I feel a lot like home though I see everything just as witness without judgements.

So what was Surabhi yesterday? Music, Moon or Mothers?  For a moment , I thought if my mother knew Tamil and was interested in Carnatic music , this session would be all Mother and Daughter Surabhi. so mentally  I decided to adopt a mother for now , Lizy aunty to make the class complete and it's nice to have the motherly feeling . 

Does Music influence our minds? Lift our moods? Truly indeed, said my experience as I watched the super moon slowly rising up behind kalpana aunty from our music class session. I kept watching the moon and my ears listening to my teachers session.

Music or Moon? I was enjoying the Music and the Moon and had a thought of expressing my mind desiring for a Mystical Musical Moon concert and Radha aunty quickly amazes me saying they had an early morning concert sometime ago, then I gathered courage and said to my teacher  Abhinaya who was overwhelmed with teaching us and she smiled at my expression. As the Pa  Tha Nee Sa progresses in the class the moon slowly moved up and am waiting for my devaram song which I requested my teacher to teach us. The moon was out of sight from our music classroom and kalpana aunty creatively expressed that the moon is elevated by our music. we finally concluded with Abhinaya singing Devaram and noting the lyrics and walked away with the thoughts of Moon,Music and Number 2 born (self,Kalpana and Jayashri Akka) all shared the same raga number similar to our birthdate . What were we yesterday? Crazy about the Moon,Music,Mother, or Jayashri Akka..

Surabhi yesterday was full of Moon,Music,Motherliness,Numbers...  It filled my heart and my soul as I went back in the auto with the driver playing a song 'Orayeram Nilave Va'...